CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Ex”: That Was the Only Syringe?


Chuck perhaps made even less sense this week than usual (and realism is not exactly why we tune in to this show, so that’s saying something). While it’s fun to see different constellations of characters interacting, getting Ellie and Captain Awesome hooked up with the Buy More crew took some pretty pretzeled logic. The plotline concerning superflu and Chuck’s ex-girlfriend was rushed, silly (people dealing with deadly biohazards and their antidotes only carry around one syringe? Really?), and tangential to trying to create a love triangle that’s unlikely to go anywhere. Perhaps said love triangle is even more difficult to buy because Jordana Brewster a) always brings to mind the fact that they must have stuck Elijah Wood on a box to kiss her at the end of The Faculty and b) is sporting bangs that put her in the bad-hair territory currently being occupied by Good Eats genius and shill for Chuck-sponsor-Welch’s Alton Brown (why the hair, Alton? WHY?).

Happily, this is the kind of show where those things don’t matter so much as long as you have Chuck coming up with harebrained schemes that require him to lay a big wet one on John Casey. Who would prefer to die with dignty rather than be saved by a Bartkowski buss. Put Adam Baldwin in a bad wig and a terrible soul patch and let Yvonne Strahovski deliver lines in her native Australian accent, and we’ll show up through any amount of nonsense.


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