Battlestar Galactica Day on the Picket Line Becomes Fan Support Day

On Sunday, Entertainment Weekly reported that 3,000 Battlestar Galactica fans attending a nearby convention were expected to show up to picket at Universal this Friday. The truth, however, is something slightly less exciting. Though accounts vary, it seems that a mere 300 to 500 fans will be attending the convention, organized by Creation Entertainment. Of those attendees, only a fraction were actually expected to join the picket line on Friday, an activity that is by no means part of the official con itinerary.

BSG fans have been scrambling to do some damage control, afraid that no matter how many people they bring out on Friday, it will seem embarassingly low compared to EW‘s grossly inflated projection. Now other fandoms have stepped in, with the help of, to turn Friday into Fan Support Day. CSI writer David Rambo has allegedly sent an email his show’s fans, inviting them to join the picket at Universal Studios Gate #2 on Friday between 10AM to 2PM, and it’s reported that other shows are planning to turn out as well.

So come on, Los Angeles-area television fans, why not head over to Universal this Friday and walk the picket line with the writers of some of your favorite shows? Details are still being worked out, but Battlestar Galactica writer Mark Verheiden is posting updates in his blog, or you can keep an eye on United Hollywood for more information as it becomes available.


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