Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s…well, maybe it’s the flu medication talking, because I’m about to squee over Law and Order: Honey Mustard Flavor (er, Criminal Intent). In fact, I’m about to double squee over it, because tonight’s rerun includes not only Amy Acker but Jim Gaffigan, both squee-evoking. Acker doubled up on Angel, first as timid physicist Fred and then as otherworldly Illyria (blue!). You may also recall her from stints as Nathan Fillion’s wife on Drive (oh, the extended Whedon family) and Alias.

You’d think it might be hard to watch Jim Gaffigan in a serious crime story without thinking of manatees or Pale Force, but he’s an accomplished actor, as well. In addition to appearances on That ’70s Show, Ed, and racking up the L&O trifecta, you should definitely catch him as Amber Tamblyn’s concerned father in Stephanie Daley. Double squee on L&O: D’Onofrio tonight!