Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s Kate Vernon and–I’m not making this up–Ronald D. Moore on CSI: Original Flavor tonight! Apparently there’s a murder at a science-fiction convention celebrating a television classic, which makes it all the more appropriate to bring along Vernon and Moore. You recognize Kate Vernon not only as the surprisingly complicated Ellen Tigh on the recent Battlestar Galactica remake, but also from roles on Star Trek: Voyager and The Outer Limits (and if you watch some other genre, from shows as diverse as Nash Bridges, LA Law, Who’s the Boss [Ellen Tigh is!], and Falcon Crest). In addition to shepherdng the Battlestar remake to such great heights, Moore has written/executive produced shows such as Carnivale, Roswell, G vs E (I am the only person in the world who loved that show), and almost all of the modern Star Trek franchise. Fun!

Bonus geekeration: the episode is directed by Battlestar vet Michael Nankin (“Faith,” “Maelstrom,” and “Flight of the Phoenix;” he’s also directed episodes of American Gothic, Roar [!], Picket Fences, and Life Goes On) and written by BSG scribes Bradley Thompson and David Weddle (“Scattered,” “Exodus,” “Revelations;” they’ve also written for the recent Twilight Zone and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). That’s a lot of sci-fi, my friends. We’ve been tossing around the idea of going to Dragon*Con this year, but will we even need to after watching CSI? Tonight at 9pm Eastern and Pacific on CBS.


Squee! It’s..

There’s a whole lot o’ squeeing going on tonight if you’re a TV fan (smells like sweeps spirit). Christine Baranski, Emmy winner for Cybill, star of several other sitcoms, and Law and Order briefcase carrier, shows up on Ugly Betty along with Ralph Macchio. The Karate Kid, people! Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory pops up on Supernatural. Rob Benedict, former hand model entrepreneur on Felicity (as well as nervous Nelly engineer Lucas Pegg on Threshold–oh, how we wanted that show to be good) has a role on CSI: Original Flavor. Oh, and that Clooney guy is supposed to show up on ER.

Now, I love me some George Clooney–no, I love me some George Clooney–and since he’s off being a movie star-fancy director-Oscar nominated writer, he doesn’t have much time for TV these days, so I suppose this is a treat. If I’d watched ER at any time in the last decade, the thought of him and Julianna Marguiles showing up in County General again might hold more appeal. Still, I’m reserving our ultimate squee tonight for a member of the Buffy family. Maybe the reason we’ve been rolling our eyes so strenuously at Dollhouse is because we’ve loved Joss Whedon’s other work so thoroughly, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the beginning of all of that. Amber Benson, who played shy witch (and eventual love interest for Willow) Tara, appears tonight on Private Practice. Benson has also appeared in Supernatural and Cold Case and is the author of several books, plays, and screenplays. So flip back and forth between medical shows and catch two hyphenates for the price of one. Private Practice (ABC) and ER (NBC) both air tonight at 10pm Eastern and Pacific.

Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s W. Earl Brown on The Mentalist and Paula Malcomson on Law and Order: Honey Barbecue (Special Victims’ Unit) tonight! Since we’ve mentioned Al Swearengen around here this week, it’s only right that Deadwood‘s lovable, violent Swearengen sidekick show up as well. You’ve also seen Brown on Psych, Angel, CSIs both Original Flavor and Extra Spicy, NYPD Blue, and The X-Files. Malcomson played Swearengen’s employee, hooker with a heart of…silver Trixie. She’s also appeared on ER, Lost, and Six Feet Under. Back-to-back Deadwooders in primetime tonight!

Bonus on each show: Michael O’Neill, The West Wing‘s Agent Butterfield, joins Brown on The Mentalist, while the legendary Martin Mull (Gene Parmesan!) joins L&O: SVU. I might even have to watch.

Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s Aasif Mandvi on Jericho tonight! While he tends to pop up on crime shows from CSI to The Sopranos to the various Law and Orders, you might best remember him either from the notable Sex and the City episode where Miranda’s mother dies or as the best correspondent The Daily Show has had since “Even Steph(v)ens” was put out to pasture.

Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s Melinda Clarke tonight on Reaper! She’s not just Julie Cooper (The O.C.). She’s not just Nandi, the hooker with the “Heart of Gold”and eyes for Mal on Firefly. She’s not just Lady Heather (CSI: Original Flavor, and yes, I am snickering now). Now she’s the devil’s girlfriend. They just don’t come much cooler than Melinda Clarke. Also, previous Squeer Patrick Fabian pops up on NCIS tonight, and Urkel’s long-suffering neighbor (Reginald VelJohnson), whom I prefer to remember as Sgt. Al from Die Hard, graces a Bones epsiode entitled “The Santa in the Slush.”  I’m not kidding. So it’s just a gooey night of TV goodness all the way around.