Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s the beginning of the fall television season! We’ve already seen Glee take a bow (makes sense, since Fox has fall baseball to schedule around), and the CW comes roaring in tonight to fight for the young, young viewers. In addition to Vampire Diaries, which has already managed to float above the incredibly low bar Twilight set, the season openers of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl debut tonight. If you’re part of the Gossip Girl audience, you probably had the premiere circled on your calendar–I’ve tried to love it, I really have, but I just can’t get past things like ridiculously colored men’s jackets. One Tree Hill gets less buzz than Gossip Girl, but has Gossip Girl ever had NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice as a guest star? Didn’t think so (although it troubles me to think that the young, young people might only know Jerry Rice from Dancing With the Stars). Might have to check out Mr. Rice during halftime of one of the two games inaugurating the Monday Night Football season (Patriots-Bills early, Chargers-Raiders late). One Tree Hill (and Jerry Rice!) at 8pm Eastern and Pacific and Gossip Girl at 9pm, both on the CW; Patriots-Bills at 7pm Eastern and Chargers-Raiders at 10:15pm Eastern, both on ESPN. The new Jay Leno thing that signals NBC’s unwillingness to fight for its life debuts as well, but you can find that yourself if you’re so inclined. We’re not so inclined.

5 thoughts on “Squee! It’s…

  1. Snooze, I’m so booooored with this fall’s lineup (although I’m giving Glee a chance). Luckily, MNF was awesome! The Bills found a new way to lose a game in ridiculous fashion, and Oakland, despite being the better team on the field last night, hasn’t won a game in like 30 years. Fun to watch though.

    Isn’t the deal with Jay Leno that the show will be profitable even if it comes in 3rd place? The overhead is so low relative to the typical 3rd hour drama that the show is almost guaranteed to be successful from a profit point of view.

  2. That shriek you heard from across the miles was me howling at the end of the Patriots-Bills game. Great honk, y’all. And why do I recognize Alex Van Pelt’s name? Am I thinking of Lucy?

    The fall season does appear..slow to unfold, at least. I’m hopeful for Community–I’m sure you and I won’t relate at all. πŸ™‚

    I think you’re right that Leno doesn’t have to do particularly well to be profitable, and that seems to be NBC’s default setting these days (oh, look–Biggest Loser is back tonight). He did very well last night, but I suspect that won’t last once a) the curiosity factor wears off, b) Kanye West isn’t a guest the day after he does something weird and c) CSI: Honey Barbecue comes back with new eps. It’s just so…cynical.

  3. I don’t know, Leno can probably count on Kanye West to do something weird pretty often….

    Haven’t seen Community, but my list of what I’ve seen that’s good:

    Modern Family
    The Good Wife
    Life Unexpected (no, I won’t randomly capitalize the x)
    Cougar Town (though I think they’ve already ruined it in reshoots, first version of the pilot was good though)

  4. Re: Kanye: Fair point. πŸ™‚ I notice Comedy Central wasted no time pulling the infamous Fish Sticks episode mocking Mr. West into the rotation.

    I’m excited for Modern Family. Wouldn’t it be nice if Julianna Marguiles got a good show?

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