PSYCH Pineapple Watch “The Devil’s In the Details…And The Upstairs Bedroom”: What, No Pea Soup?


Oh, admit it–you have to love a show that casts Ray Wise, most recently seen giving an Emmy-worthy performance as the Devil on the late, lamented Reaper, as a priest who’s champing at the bit to perform an exorcism. As lackadasical as Shawn claims to be, Psych often works pretty hard to squeeze in the extra joke. I know some people think that makes it feel like they’re trying too hard, but given today’s television landscape (Leave It to Lamas? Really?) I appreciate it when anyone’s trying at all.

“The Devil’s in the Details” had non-Wise strengths as well. Psych‘s charms are in its goofiness and its pop culture references, not in its knotty (or not) mysteries, so I always enjoy it when they anticipate and puncture the solution the audience thinks they’re going for, as they did here when the second “possessed” girl was not in fact a yoga expert (seriously, folks, backbend spider walking is always wrong). And after so many episodes where we see Gus stepping up to support Shawn, it’s nice to see Shawn return the favor, even if he has to be prodded into it by his father, and even if his natural skepticism makes it hard for him. It’s fun to watch Shawn take the same journey through the story the audience does (no, really, the spider walking is a very convincing symptom of demonic meddling. Really.).

Since I had to hide my eyes on a regular basis (did I mention the spider walking?), I’m grateful our weekly pineapple was easy to spot–how lovely of the victim to choose it as her Online Social Networking Page avatar.


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