GLEE “Showmance”: More Offensive Than An Elementary School Production of “Hair”?


Should have seen this coming–after such a gleeful pilot, one that probably had quite a bit of time and money behind it, will the time and financial crunches of putting out weekly episodes take a toll on the joy of Glee? Maybe–this first post-pilot episode had access to some great tunes (Gold Digger? Really? Hee–wonder what Kanye thought of that), but the production was much sloppier than what we saw in the pilot (Sync. The. Track. SYNC IT!!). While Jessalyn Gilsig added some shading to her gold digging wife by the end of the episode, it’s hard to cheer for adultery, even if the spouse being cheated on is unsympathetic and even if the cheating to this point is “only” emotional. And for a show that is probably drawing some of the High School Musical crowd, this thing is dirty. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing–if you don’t know what you’re getting into with a Ryan Murphy show, you’re not paying enough attention, and the dirty jokes were the funniest of the night–but anyone who had been assuming that their Glee-obsessed kids are getting the adventures of some adorable moppets (“Hey, kids, let’s put on a show!”) set to better music than the HSM franchise could ever dream of had probably better sit down and watch the show with their offspring.

On the other hand…Push It. “Get up on this!” never stops being funny. Finn’s version of, um, thinking about baseball statistics gets the brilliant capper of his driver instructor/mother watching him hit the mailman and then screaming, “What are you going to dooooo?!?” Way to parent there, mom. The brochures in the guidance counselor’s office (“My Mom’s Bipolar And She Won’t Stop YELLING” and “Wow! There’s A Hair Down There!”) give us hope that Glee will take up Arrested Development’s commitment to background jokes. It’s so early that the show may still have been finding its Glee legs as this episode was shot–here’s hoping they get the kinks out of the musical production and the love triangles and leave some of the kink in the jokes, because as long as Jane Lynch is striding the earth like a god, I’m going to have to watch Glee.


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