PSYCH Pineapple Watch “High Noon-Ish”: They Don’t Need No Stinking Badges


Yep–Psych gets more fun the goofier it goes, with this week’s ludicrous (and delightful) outing that finds Shawn and Gus helping out Lassiter’s father figure delving into Blazing Saddles, Scooby Doo, and High Noon all in one wacky package. Perhaps bringing Lassiter so squarely into the story helped–the peripheral charcters have been, well, awfully peripheral this season so far, but their solid support helps ground Shawn’s flights of fancy. Guest stars like James Brolin (!) and the wonderful Jim Beaver class up a dingy Old West theme park, too. Watching Shawn and Gus contemplate the damage playacting killing a man–twice a day for tourists–does to the soul is just plain more fun than watching them untangle a conventional mystery.

The much more complicated mystery this week was the location of our weekly pineapple. I think I caught a glimpse of one on the counter next to Henry’s kitchen sink during a father-son detente, but it was pretty fuzzy. More so than pineapples usually are, I mean.

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