College Football Kickoff: Where The Boys Are

There are very, very few people happier than I am that the college football season is finally here. With not one but two alma maters (“Mikaela Has Two Mommies”) flirting with the Top 10, I’m happily settling in with some salsa and a variety of foam fingers for a happy autumn.

There have been some good games so far (see ya, Oklahoma. Ha!) and some well-made TV, particularly the cameramen and director who were perfectly on the spot to catch the end of LeGarrette Blount’s college football career. There’s one thing about the lifeblood linking football and television–the advertising–that’s confusing me, though. A horror movie with female protagonists, Sorority Row, opens September 11 and was all over the commercial time during college football. There’s a lot of college football on a lot of channels, and Sorority Row was trundling along to nearly every game. Another horror movie with female protagonists, Jennifer’s Body, opens the following weekend. Frankly, Jennifer’s Body has a better pedigree, what with being written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody and starring up-and-comer Amanda Seyfried and all (fine–Megan Fox is in it, too). Interestingly, there was not a single commercial for Jennifer’s Body during the copious amounts of college football I consumed yesterday.

Different companies are distributing the two movies so it’s impossible to make a direct comparison between the marketing strategies. And maybe there will be more Jennifer’s Body promotion the week it comes out. But I do have to wonder: did 20th Century Fox think that a horror movie–written and directed by women–in which the female lead is doing the killing and the female protagonist has to stop the villain in order to protect the boys might not be as easy a sell to the young male football audience as the movie in which the female leads can be sold as screaming victims? Even if Megan Fox is in it? Could it actually be that so many young men know about Jennifer’s Body because of Megan Fox that there’s no reason to advertise it during football? Inquiring minds would like to know.

(Also, women watch football. I’m just sayin’.)


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