PSYCH Pineapple Watch “He Dead”: Release the Hounds!


Perhaps Psych‘s outlandish sense of humor is best matched with outlandish settings or situations. Put them in a telenovela, have them work the runway, or dangle the murder of a sea lion in front of them and they’re a lot of fun. Put them in a traditional mystery with traditional suspects and they can be a little flat. Even the martini-dry Christine Baranski adds little new to her repertoire here–as the releaser of said hounds, she has little on Monty Burns.

On the other hand, as the victim’s wealthy widow Baranski offers entree into this week’s pineapple, a lovingly sliced and diced specimen available for the sampling on a table at the country club. Might have been more fun if the bad guy had been trying to shred it to hide evidence.

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