His Voice Was Filled With Evangelical GLEE: Pilot Rebroadcast Tonight


Well, the summer heat has clearly fried some Bacon. I have piles of unwatched pineapples ripening on my TiVo since several last-minute summer dashes have taken me places that neglected to provide the USA Network and, therefore, Psych (seriously, national forest, who do you think you are?). It probably didn’t help that both Baconeers bought houses within a couple of months of each other (we shall pause here to allow me to envy Susannah for all of the packing and unpacking she’s already done). I’m just hoping we’ll survive the end of summer and limp across the finish line to the new TV season (whee–Bear McCreary is scoring two new shows!).

We’d be remiss, however, if we didn’t alert you to Fox’s re-airing of the Glee pilot tonight. This warm-hearted, tune-packed vision has gobbled up most of the pre-season buzz, and with good reason. It’s funny, rocking, tender, and ambitious all at once, and it wisely cast the delightful Jane Lynch to snark, just so you won’t go into sugar shock. We’ve already gone into more detail on the pilot, but you can imagine that the news that Kristin Chenoweth (and her four-octave range American Idol keeps touting) has already filmed a guest appearance has us singing, too. Don’t pass up Glee because it sounds too sweet or because you want to rebel against what all the cool kids are doing–you’d be missing out on a show that’s sure to be in contention for the most complete and joyful TV-watching experience of the new fall season. Tonight on Fox at 8:58pm Eastern and Pacific (so I guess not enough people Think They Can Dance to fill a full hour).


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