Well, That Title Is Just Mean: DOCTOR WHO Special “The Next Doctor” Airs on BBC America Tonight


We may still be mourning David Tennant’s choice to move on from Doctor Who, but that’s not going to stop us from enjoying tonight’s US debut of last December’s Christmas special. Well, actually, it might–“The Next Doctor”‘s big climax is so ludicrous it’s hard not to feel a little cranky that we lose 20 percent of the short time we have left with the Tenth Doctor on it.

Still, Tennant has so much chemistry with guest star David Morrissey (previously seen with Tennant in Blackpool and with recent Master John Simm in the original BBC State of Play) that it’s hard not to be a little in love with this Victorian steampunk fantasia. The Doctor, traveling alone after the tragedy of losing Donna Noble, stumbles over a hero who insists he is…the Doctor. Since we know Morrissey isn’t actually the next doctor, who is he? The answer is a bit touching, and a certain sepia-toned moment is very touching. If that info stamp doesn’t get to you, I have some old-school Who DVDs to recommend. Ring in the holiday in style–TARDIS style, as you have to turn back the clock a bit–tonight on BBC America (who generally do a better job in terms of not cutting the episodes to ribbons) at 9pm Eastern. Tennant pops up on Graham Norton immediately after. The odds of a peculiar suit are high.


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