In Lieu of Raises or Benefits: New BETTER OFF TED Tonight


I’ve moaned and whined and complained about ABC’s programming choices this year–DAIIIIIISIEEEEES!–but I have to give credit where credit it due: they brought back low-rated-but-brilliant comedy Better Off Ted. Although Ted’s boss at multinational polyfabricator congolmorate Veridian Dynamics would likely claim that giving credit where credit is due is what got this country into a financial crisis in the first place.

Better Off Ted is like that–a pointed look at corporate politics and life that manages to be both spot on and slightly askew at the same time. We’d like to liberate lab slaves Lem and Phil from a company so horrible it tries to weaponize pumpkins and grow cowless beef, but then who would we have to laugh at? In these troubled financial times, most of us would either walk over our grandmothers to work for a company as soul-free as Veridian Dynamics or are grateful we already do. All the more reason to laugh at our corporate overlords behind their backs, and luckily, Ted has lots of laughs to spare. NEW episodes starting tonight on ABC at 9:30 Eastern and Pacific.


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