New NINJA WARRIOR on G4 Tonight


Very few things can bring a smile to my face like Ninja Warrior, the insane obstable course show known in Japan as Sasuke. G4 is showing the most recent competition, new to the US, this afternoon as part of a weekend-long Ninja Warrior marathon. I’m not ashamed to say I stayed up too late last night because I saw they were showing Sasuke 17, and I just had to see fisherman Makoto Nagano become only the second athlete in the 21 attempts we’ve seen so far to conquer all four stages. Lest you think watching serious athletes do things like trying to cross a moat by hanging from light bulbs is an inappropriate use of your Sunday time, I note that Ninja Warrior is one of the only things my brother and I enjoy watching together. You can cal it family time! Give Ninja Warrior a shot, but beware: it’s kind of like potato chips. Watch it once, and you’ll be going back to watch all of them. New stuff tonight on G4 at 5:30pm Eastern, starting with the network’s American Ninja Challenge (qualifying US athletes into the real thing).


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