Start the Wake: ABC Begins Burning Off PUSHING DAISIES Tonight


As I will never, ever forgive ABC for holding a pillow over Pushing Daisies‘ face, I may still be going through the stages of grief. Please don’t try to console me by telling me they’re in a better place now–they’re in the last primetime slot on a Saturday night going into June. That’s not a better place.

Still, I suppose we should be grateful we’re getting these last three episodes at all. Tonight’s episode, in which we find out exactly why Olive’s into the whole constructed family thing Ned’s got going on, may have been my favorite of the final three episodes screened at the Paley Festival last month. Focusing on the murder of a department store window designer, it’s perhaps even more visually gorgeous than usual. Olive finds a backbone, bless her wee little pea-picking heart. And it’s your last chance to hear Kristin Chenoweth sing on this magical show. Don’t miss it–10pm Eastern and Pacific, 9pm Central and Mountain, on (Spit! Ptooi!) ABC.


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