THE GOODE FAMILY “Pilot”: I Can’t Be Seen Here–I Work in Academia!


You have no idea how many times I’ve uttered those very words.

Which, you would think, would make me part of one of the target audiences for ABC’s new animated comedy The Goode Family, which pokes fun at those lefty, sprout-eating, sandal-wearing hippies who organize their lives by asking “What Would Al Gore Do?”. I may not be much into sprouts, but it’s possible I own a reusable grocery bag. Presumably, another target audience would be people who have put a sticker in their back truck window that shows poor, bastardized Calvin urinating on Al Gore.

Unfortunately, The Goode Family offered little for either group to laugh at. Watching goody-two-shoes lefties awkwardly stammer over what ethnicity to call a neighbor is less funny than it is…awkward. The oneupsmanship in the in the uber-conscious health food store seemed to take forever and led to a punchline that had little punch. The episode seemed to hit a better stride when dealing with the relationships among the family members, so perhaps the lack of funny was merely the awkwardness of a pilot. Based on creator Mike Judge’s previous work (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead), there may be some comic gems hidden underneath the easy stereotypes, but with So You Think You Can Dance on opposite, who wants to spend the time rooting around in the carefully tended compost pile for those gems?


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