We’ve just gotten back from frying up a little Bacon on the beach (if a national outbreak of fishberculosis pops up, I can pretty much guarantee that Susannah was Patient Zero), where we missed a lot of season finale TV while gazing at a calm blue ocean (we love our TiVos). While there, we were exposed not only to fishberculosis, but to a lot more NCIS than we’d ever seen before, which got us to thinking about Mark Harmon and how charming his CJ-smitten Secret Service agent was on The West Wing. Does this mean he’ll soon show up on witness protection drama In Plain Sight? They’ve featured reunions between West Wing alums Mary McCormack (star of the show), Joshua Malina, and Richard Schiff in the past two weeks. Both guests were in roles that should be straight out of central casting (Malina as an AA sponsor, Schiff as a heavily-accented rebbe), and in both cases Malina and Schiff brought an underlying warmth and complexity to the characters that made them sing. We’re hoping to see more of both of them–since Malina took Mary’s sister on a date, he’ll likely pop up; Schiff offered to find Mary’s father, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed–but why stop there? Bring on Mark Harmon! Saddle up Anna Deavere Smith! Unleash Bradley Whitford! I think Kristin Chenoweth is free…

While we’d be beside ourselves if they really started recycling West Wing cast members, In Plain Sight is a fun ride on its own merits. Federal marshal Mary Shannon’s middle name must be Sue, as she is the best at everything a marshal might need to do (a couple of weeks ago, she was even putting in IVs while dodging falling rubble. Really). But somehow it all works, buoyed by McCormack’s salty performance, surprisingly moving moments that creep into the quietest corners of the show, and the interesting characters surrounding the lead. We’d likely tune in just to see more of Mary’s partner, Marshal Marshall (Fred Weller) of the deadpan wit and patient support. (We’d be even happier seeing the unflappable Marshal Marshall run up againt the ball of fire that is Kristin Chenoweth, though. Bring it on!)


One thought on “WEST WING Reunions Abound on IN PLAIN SIGHT

  1. Richard Schiff’s pilot “Past Life” just got picked up by Fox for the fall. While I’m thrilled to have him back on my tv, I just wish it was in a show I’m more interested in watching. But I’m guessing it will limit his ability to guest star for a while.

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