PARTY DOWN: Rick Fox’s Potstickers


Ooh, looks like I was wrong when I thought that Party Down manages to skirt the line between uncomfortable and highly watchable by creating connections among this crappy catering crew. This week’s episode shows that they’re just as funny when they’re throwing dodge balls at each other. Since it’s hard to take their conflict seriously–really, should Roman bother being jealous of Henry’s relationship with Casey, given that he has as much chance with her as he does with Dick Cheney?–we can just enjoy their patheticness. It makes us look better by comparison, right?

This week’s Veronica Mars alum was sneaking out of a hotel room as Roman was trying to track down Rick Fox (and, potentially, Casey, whom he must really think is getting around)–Kathleen Parker took over as Veronica’s journalism teacher after Joey Lauren Adams was fired and that America’s Next Top Model alum took a long bus ride off a short cliff. And she didn’t even get Rick Fox in the deal.


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