BETTER OFF TED “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”: That Yogurt *Is* Intriguing


We keep begging you to watch Better Off Ted, but we do have to wonder if it’s current economic conditions that make people shy away. When lots of people are worrying about how long their jobs will last, it’s a little terrifying to think of a place where the HR supervisor insists your name is not what your parents gave you or thinks that a body falling past a window is problematic solely because of the paperwork it will cause. Ted ends up getting help from corners both likely (the inept scientists he supervises) and not (Veronica costing the company money by tricking the computer into re-adding Ted), but a supervisor thinks it’s a great idea to replace him with a younger, cheaper worker before that. It’s a little scary.

On the other hand, a show that debates whether its lead character’s last name is Chips or Crisps is just plain funny. If you don’t laugh at this economy, you might cry–so you may as well laugh at Veronica as she admits she’s afraid of the lab because it smells like science.

This week’s Veridian Dynamics commercial: “Veridian Dynamics. Individuals. We believe everyone is special. Irreplacable. And will follow the thing walking in front of it. That’s why we celebrate all individuals. Even ones going nowhere. Veridian Dynamics. Because you can’t spell ‘individual’ without ‘Veridian’. And you. And an ‘l’.”


2 thoughts on “BETTER OFF TED “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”: That Yogurt *Is* Intriguing

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  2. The clip where the body falls past the window had me laughing for ages. I had to pause to gather my breath, then rewind to watch it again. Hilarious! I sure do hope this show comes back. It’s awesome.

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