CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Dream Job”: What A Special Snowflake


Oh, Chuck. We asked you not to do this. We specifically asked you not to do this. Yes, Scott Bakula is a hoot as Chuck and Ellie’s long-lost father. Yes, we like that the Intersect storyline is moving along at a good clip. But part of the show’s charm was that Chuck was a an ubergeek everyman. Does everyone go to Stanford? Well, no. But it’s pretty likely that a lot of Chuck’s audience is pretty smart. And that they have some geeky friends who aren’t moving forward in life very fast, like Morgan and the BuyMore All-Stars. The fantasy of Chuck isn’t in the slow-mo tossing of Sarah’s perfect hair–it’s in the idea that someone who is smart and wishing for more could become special–could become an indispensible, brilliant cog in saving the world flanked by gorgeous, amazing people.

With the revelation that Chuck has always been at the center of his own mystery–that his own father created the Intersect before going into hiding–that fantasy is punctured. Chuck never was an ubergeek everyman. He’s so very, very special and has always been surrounded by such very, very special people that it’s pretty likely we’re going to find out that the unicorn in his backyard is hiding the cure for the common cold. What, isn’t your unicorn an international superscientist? While the charming trappings embellishing Chuck are still in play, here’s hoping the charming core of the show settles in and becomes the everyday center of Chuck‘s life again.


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