PARTY DOWN “California College Conservative Union Caucus”: Barbecue Sauce on the American Flag


While the pilot of Party Down was brimming with potential, this second episode started paying off that potential. The premise allows for a rich variety of settings to skewer, and they did a much better job taking apart young conservatives than suburbanites (even if neither Jason Dohring nor Alona Tal joined Enrico Colantoni in nakedness). This might mean that the structure of the show is similar from week to week, but if that similarity includes as high a giggles-to-minutes ratio as this ode to Cuban cigars, flagburning, and “Family Values” did, it will be a path well worth walking over and over again. If the show can continue to poke at not only the privileged (having the junior Republicans idolize Max Cleland, for the love of all that’s holy) but at the downtrodden leads (suggesting Henry make his non-alcoholic Manhattan a mix tape before taking its virginity), Party Down will rapidly supplant our other favorite workplace comedies.


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