It seems almost too good to be true, but Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello is claiming that NBC and Direct TV are in active talks to continue their Friday Night Lights partnership. Even better, they’re reportedly looking for a two-season pickup. After the marked improvement we’ve seen in the show this season, that would certainly be welcome news.

Although, with so many of our favorite characters on the cusp of graduation, you’ve gotta wonder who’ll still be around. If they all go the way of Jason Street and Smash Williams, we may be looking at the Julie Taylor and J.D. McCoy show next season. *shudder*


3 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Renewal Buzz

  1. That was a nice little joke you made and it may turn out to be true as Friday Night Lights goes on. I am glad that NBC and Direct TV have come to some kind of arrangement for this show. I was not happy to see it leave NBC and then be aired exclusively on Direct TV.

    What about the customers who do not have Direct TV? Hta’s just wrong.

    If many of the characters leave the show, many fans like myself will try to support but may stray as well. It’s like what happened with CSI. Now that William Petersen is gone, I do not want to watch it anymore.

    I’m concerned about Julie tonight. A preview for tonight’s Friday Night Lights episode showed the coach finding her and Matt Saracen in bed together.

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  3. Hi, Nicole,

    What did you end up thinking about the Julie situation (we discuss it here)? I was surprised both at how funny parts of it were (oh, Coach) and how moving Tami’s reaction was, but I do wonder where they’re taking Julie herself. What did you think?

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