Have Fun Storming the CASTLE Premiere Tonight


Look, we are fond of Nathan Fillion. There’s no getting around that. I don’t cotton well to horror movies, including (especially?) those with lots of cheap latex effects, and I sat through White Noise 2 for Nathan Fillion. I sat through SlitherSlither, people–for Nathan Fillion.

So what are the chances I can sit through a derivative dramedy procedural for Nathan Fillion? Very high indeed. Pilots are what they are, so we’d like to see Castle get some time to unfold to discover whether it can take full advantage of Fillion’s charms. Given that it’s airing in the plum slot after Dancing with the Stars (sigh), there’s a good chance we’ll get to see that unfolding. And you know, given that such a plum slot decreases the chances of Nathan Fillion slipping off our TV screens again, here’s to the hoofers. Premiere tonight on ABC at 10 Eastern and Pacific.


3 thoughts on “Have Fun Storming the CASTLE Premiere Tonight

  1. I love Fillion too, but I won’t be watching this series. I just can’t stand another procedural. Here’s my question: why can’t Fillion get a better job than this? He’d be perfect for a romantic comedy movie with smarts but all he seems to get lately are lame tv show appearances (e.g., Desperate Housewives) or b-movies. He’d be better off doing something for Sci Fi.

  2. No kidding. Fillion elevates the material, but it needs elevating. I can see it being fun if it gets to the level of being a reverse Bones, but that still is what it is–lots better than most other procedurals on TV but not as good as the best dramas.

    I cannot explain the Fillion Phenomenon. Is it because he’s Canadian? 🙂 Drive could have been a lot of fun and a breakout show for him, but Fox didn’t give it much of a chance. We saw what happened to Firefly. I’m not sure they make romantic comedies with significant male parts in them anymore–having a real male lead would take away from opportunities to have the female friends sing into hairbrushes while eating ice cream out of the carton.

  3. Nathan Fillion is the best thing on tv right now, he has what it takes to make a show.
    It’s romantic, funny, and a crime drama. What more can you ask for?
    We have waited for how long to see Nathan on Tv again? Give the show a chance!

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