BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”: Home Is A Place You Grow Old Trying To Get Back To


Oh, look–Bill Adama’s crying again. Don’t apologize, Helo–punch him in the nose.

Ahem. In other news, CSI: Galactica makes me want to cry in the bad way, but there’s so much going on here that makes me want to cry in the good way that perhaps we can overlook that. We snarked last week about the possibility of the rag-tag fleet wandering the stream of stars forever, but…what if they did? When would they figure out that’s home? Half our characters are growing old trying to get back to the home they used to know–Boomer spending time in Barbie’s Ghoulish Dream House; Tyrol cooling his heels in the brig after buying into the same; Gaius stalking Caprica Six; Helo begging for a Raptor he and his wife can fly–just like he and Boomer flew back before the robotcalypse–to try to patch his marriage together; Cavil/One bringing Hera back to Dracula’s Castle so he can figure out resurrection…yes, even Bill Adama trying to patch together the Galactica. Unsuprisingly, what they get for their trouble is misery and isolation.

But our new hybrid reminds us that a closed system lacks the ability to renew itself. There’s another group who seems to be getting that, embracing the lessons from “Sometimes a Great Notion”–the idea that the only way to avoid drowning in the stream is figuring out that home is now each other. Capirca looks forward instead of back at Gaius Baltar. Laura Roslin tries to get Adama off his battlestar bender by flat out telling him that for her, home is him. Even Adama manages to break out of his isolation with the Tada!ma bromance after he chooses moving forward. Kara gives up the idea of her old life with “her” Sam and sits her probably-hybrid ass down with Hybrid!Sam to figure out what home actually is.

And to do that, Kara Thrace finally lets the last of Starbuck burn off, accepting the idea that home is who she is right now. Seeing her become luminious as she gives Starbuck to the Wall of Remembrance might be the best evidence yet that seeking for home doesn’t have to make you grow old if you look forward instead of back. Maybe if there’s a hole in your bucket, it’s time to use your hands.


3 thoughts on “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”: Home Is A Place You Grow Old Trying To Get Back To

  1. The Beast is dead and the Bucket is dying. I can’t decide if I should embrace that as emblematic of the dying military dictatorship, or if I should hope that going through the Colony was what made Kara’s Viper all shiny and new and that said Colony is big enough for a battlestar to fit in.

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