Dance with the Devil in the Pale…Twilight: REAPER Returns Tonight


When last we left our hapless, madcap demon hunters on Reaper, Sock’s mother’s remarriage had led the boys to a sweet new pad, Ben was sprung from a prison term linked to a green-card marriage (so he can pursue the wonderful Kandyse McClure), and Sam and Andi…were still trying to figure out the “Sam and Andi” deal. Oh, and Sam’s dad is a demon. Cliffhanger!

We’re not sure any of the above will matter, as the season premiere (tonight on the CW at 8pm Eastern and Pacific) finds Sam, Sock, and Ben out of work and out of a lease when they return from a month-long road trip (that’s nine months in our real-world time). Is this a true reset button for the gang, or is the Wal-Martesque Work Bench setting just too much fun to lose? This show is goofy enough fun that it might transfer to just about any setting with good results. The title of this premiere is a good indicator of where Reaper is aiming: if you get a snicker out of “Episode 201: Episode IV: A New Hope” (and we do), you’ll get this crew’s jokes. At the same time, Reaper is both just creepy enough (we thought Ray Wise brought enough smarm and menace to his Prince of Darkness to be Emmy worthy) to be truly unsettling and just genial and family-friendly enough to be shown in the earliest primetime hour. We might be wimps, but we’re wimps who lik e a laugh, so we’ll be tuning in.


3 thoughts on “Dance with the Devil in the Pale…Twilight: REAPER Returns Tonight

  1. It included Sock in a pizza box. That’s always going to be a plus for me.

    I also really liked both Sam showing a flash of brains and skill disposing of the multple escapees–I like seeing him make progress–and especially liked Andi, who has plenty of reasons to be dismissive and angry, having all that melt away immediately upon hearing about someone who got out of a Satanic deal. She’s not just the love interest–she gets the stakes. I like that the show pays attention to those little details.

    And you? Was the wait worth it?

  2. Oh, yes. I’d seen spoilers but nothing like seeing the whole package. And it didn’t feel like such a long wait, because a group of us devoted fans at were filling the months with news, cast updates, fanart and fanfic, and the like. It’s my first experience with fandom, and it’s fun.

    Lots of BSG, maybe Dollhouse, Scrubs, Pushing Daisies (sob), Joss, and Dr Who fans over there, too. Oh, I love all the shows you all miss (over on the left) except I’m just starting to watch Wonderfalls and plan to watch VM soon. Keep up the blog; it’s great.

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