BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Someone to Watch Over Me”: Live at the Helice Opera House


Live at the Helice Opera House–I swear that’s the title of Dreilide Thrace’s album. The Great Bear, indeed. (Please do not miss Bear McCreary’s blog. You would be sad if you never got to see him meet Dead Kara, wouldn’t you? You’ll also find interesting little tidbits like the fact that they intentionally left the piano out of tune, which was driving me insane. Which, I suppose, would make you feel a little like the Final Five must have felt as they heard Kara Thrace plunk out “All Along the Watchtower”, so…hooray?)

Does it say something bad about me if I think this would have been an excellent cap to the entire series? (Probably.) Starbuck gets a little closure. The Final Five Minus Vegetative Sam realize along with the goose-pimpled audience that someone or something is manipulating them, and they’re left to go slowly mad wondering what’s piping music into their skulls. The fleet crawls on, searching for a reasonable rock and some toothpaste, unlikely to find either. Cavil’s coming down the mountain, playing an endgame no one can figure out. Kara’s Head!Father Figure of Closure looks disturbingly like Leoben, carrying on the recent incestual ickiness. All of Bill Adama’s “girls” are leaving him. Chief represents all of the well-meaning guys, reaching out to a dream of home that’s always going to be an illusion. And…scene. Ha!

Still, it’s nice to think we have three more episodes of answers to be teased out. So Kara Thrace knows the Sooper Sekrit Cylon Music and has a Head!Guide of her own. What is she? (Guess: Daniel’s daughter.) What does Cavil want with Hera? In exactly how many ways will Athena flay Helo for not realizing he was sexing up an 8 who was not his wife? When Vegetative Sam awakens, what will he tell us is pulling all the strings? Will they ever find toothpaste…er, a home? What the heck is up with that darn opera house, anyway? Hera said her drawings–which turned out to be the notes of the aforementioned Sooper Sekrit Cylon Music–were stars: is Hera the only one who knows the way home? They’d be very good stars indeed if that were the case. Assuming the last few epsiodes fly by as quickly as the last few minutes of this one, the ride will be…fun is perhaps not the right word, but certainly full of adrenaline.

5 thoughts on “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “Someone to Watch Over Me”: Live at the Helice Opera House

  1. Helice was an ancient Greek city said to be the potential inspiration for Plato’s Atlantis. Not only that, Helice is a derivative of Helix or pinwheel shape. Just like Maelstrom, and the Shape of the Eye of Jupiter.

  2. Yeah, the last 15 minutes of the episode were beautiful. This was one of those episodes that made me appreciate all of the time that BSG puts into character development and side-plots.

  3. Just like Maelstrom, and the Shape of the Eye of Jupiter.

    **NICE.** I was so wrapped up in the Ursa Major connection the twisting derivative didn’t even occur to me. More goosepimples!

    You’re right about the character development stuff, Brayden–I’m really happy when the threads come together; sometime those threads are plot threads, but sometimes they’re character threads. And those can be just as chewy and satisfying (oh, Chief).

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