PSYCH Pineapple Watch “An Evening with Mr. Yang”: The Two of Us Need Look No More


It’s nice to see that in an extra-serious Psych, they can still cap things off with the great joke of using Ally Sheedy. If you can’t get Gus to join the Breakfast (for Lunch) Club, call up Ally Sheedy. (Or a McPoyle brother.)

Speaking of Gus, this episode underlined the best thing about Psych–the relationship between Shawn and Gus. Seeing Gus make a fool of himself (connecting Michael Jackson to the rat; aping King Kong [sorry]) to try to keep Shawn in the game melts the heart a little. It doesn’t matter whether Shawn dates Juliet or Abigail–Gus will always be his true partner.

Speaking of Abigail, our weekly pineapple is a little ceramic (I think) one on her desk at school. Will she become a full-fledged love interest, or will she become a convenient place to hide fruit? Gus will be along for the ride either way.


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