Squee! It’s…

Nostalgia squee tonight, as Bess Armstrong pops up on Criminal Minds. Now, I got fooled last week into watching Criminal Minds (Randy Mantooth=totally worth it), but I found it to be one of those off-putting crime procedurals where putting beautiful young women in torture-bondage situations where they are fighting for their lives passes as entertainment. Not for me, thanks. But…but…Angela Chase’s mom is on tonight! <cough> Er, in addition to My So-Called Life, you may remember Bess Armstrong from shows such as Boston Legal, One Tree Hill, and The Nanny. And My So-Called Life! <cough> Sorry.

If you just can’t stomach Criminal Minds, you can get double your nostalgia fix over on the US version of Life on Mars. Not only will you swim through the 70s, but tonight you’ll do it with Jason Kravits, the most excellent ADA Richard Bay on The Practice. You might also remember Mr. Kravits from shows such as Gilmore Girls, Ed, and various crime procedurals. Speaking of nostalgia, he recently survived Liz Lemon’s high school reunion. Wonder when Angela Chase’s is? Criminal Minds on CBS at 9 Eastern and Pacific; Life on Mars on ABC at 10 Eastern and Pacific.


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