Raise Your Goblet of Rock to THE AMAZING RACE 14

The fourteenth running of The Amazing Race kicks off tonight, and I’d started to prepare for our “annual” pre-season picks for favorites and most hate-worthy (it’s always fun to look back on those and see where we went wrong. It’s usually not on the “annoying couples trying to test their relationships”).

I quickly realized, however, that there may be only one team for me this year: actor/writer/director Mike White is running the race with his father, a gay rights activist. Sure, sure, there are cheerleaders and flight attendants, and we can debate whether the relatively large number of family connections will bring more (or more interesting) drama than the relatively small number of couples-testing-their-relationships will, but Mike White is running The Amazing Race! If you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch School of Rock as a warmup.


3 thoughts on “Raise Your Goblet of Rock to THE AMAZING RACE 14

  1. I would have been devastated if you had missed the rolling cheese.

    I must confess that with my acrophobia, my very first response to the cheese task was, “On. Your. Ass.” Which seemed to work just fine. 🙂

  2. I was wondering why they just didn’t roll it down the hill and then fetch it at the bottom like some of the teams ended up doing on accident. And the more I watch this show the more I want to bungee jump!

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