PSYCH Pineapple Watch “Tuesday the 17th”: Strip Cribbage Gives A Whole New Meaning to “His Nibs”


I’m just sayin’.

I was beginning to think Psych and I actually had a psychic link, what with the John Stockton reference a couple of weeks ago and the fact that I’ve been singing “Flagpole Sitta” in the car all week, but I have to admit I’m not a huge slasher movie fan. This is because I’m a wimp. So since the opening of Scream made me cry in the bad way, you can imagine that I was feeling a little stressed during the teaser. One of the points of watching Psych is that we don’t see people killed–we trip blithely onto the scene after the deaths have already taken place. Er.

Still, it’s hard to imagine a pop culture reference more boldly begging for a skewering this weekend than Friday the 13th, so more power to them. Even a fearophobe like me can appreciate the slo-mo tracks, the fast pan-ins, and the grainy film homages, and I am curious about whether burritos are the Rollie Fingers of Mexican cuisine (baseball reference!). And does a Rick Astley pinata count as a Rickroll? Nice. Speaking of pinatas, Gus and Jason’s winning entry in long-ago camp’s pinata competition was our first pineapple; the second was in the camp’s refrigerator. I’d be slightly more comfortable if the machete were used on the fruit.


One thought on “PSYCH Pineapple Watch “Tuesday the 17th”: Strip Cribbage Gives A Whole New Meaning to “His Nibs”

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