BATTLESTAR GALACTICA “No Exit”: Hell Is Other People’s Exposition


Word salad? No kidding. You don’t get to slog through a sluggish first half of the season, leaving little time for anything more than an exposition dump to introduce the final story arc, and explain it way by comparing yourself to Sartre. (Although pausing to think that Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre is cheerful. As is pausing to appreciate John Hodgman.) For a show that’s so often so very beautiful–even when the gorgeous visuals are representing something terrible–it’s awfully disappointing to get long-awaited answers through lots of chit-chat.

Can’t say I’m thrilled that the major human story was Crown Prince Lee being handed the reigns of power (although it’s interesting to note that in the end Tom Zarek got what he wanted–Colonial government as he knew it is no more). And there was an awful lot of heavy-handed symbolism (ooh, the Galactica has cancer and might be healed by Cylon technology. Does that mean the magic healing powers will wear off like they did for Adama’s other girl?). Still, since we’ve been interested in their Eve symbolism before, it was kind of fun to see Final Fiver and skinjob model creator Ellen offer Boomer an apple. If Ellen believes that the tree of knowledge is accessed through the physical–through human senses and bodies–what does it mean that it’s the centurions who believe in one true God? Looks like Boomer’s taking that apple–we just hope she’s taking it somewhere.


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