Wake Up Your DVR–LIFE Returns Tonight


I love my DVR. It keeps me out of enormous amounts of trouble and organizes me better than any calendar ever has, but for some reason it hates Life. No matter how many times I try to teach it to love Life, it skips over the adventures of Charlie Crews and Co. pretty regularly. I don’t know why–has it got something against fruit? Against Zen? Against mordant wit and Adam Arkin?

It’s a puzzle. Still, I was lucky this time and caught it trying to sneak out a window and hang out with the kids who smoke in the parking lot while it was supposed to be recording Life. So, since NBC doesn’t seem to care if you know the show is coming back this week, and just in case your DVR was the one my DVR met online and made a date with, here’s your heads up–new episode of Life on NBC tonight at 9 Eastern and Pacific. It is amusingly called “Re-entry.” Glad we caught it before it burned up in such (what with being scheduled across from Lost and Lie to Me).


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