CHUCK Returns Tonight with Surprisingly Super Bowl-esque Gimmick


It was a little surprising to see The Office get the plum post-Super Bowl slot, which has often been used as a springboard to promote the networks’ new darlings (granted, this hasn’t always been true–NBC gave the slot to that little show Friends once, and Fox recently handed it to House). The Office used the opportunity to great effect–their less-than-subtle cold opening was perfectly designed to pull in post-Super Bowl viewers new to the show, and it made this long-time fan laugh harder than I have at the show in quite some time (I demand a “Save Bandit!” t-shirt),

It still seems, however, like this was a slot made for Chuck, a show whose backstory isn’t too inaccessable to viewers who have been drinking beer all day (hi, Heroes), that’s loaded with likable characters and good jokes, that has action and soft-focus lenses pointed at a hot blonde for the male component of the football audience, and that could use an audience boost. The 3-D gimmick also seems like the kind of thing that would have tied in better to the Super Bowl hoopla than into a Monday night. I guess I was supposed to get some 3-D glasses somewhere, although I haven’t been able to find a pair (and I was looking–do you need 3-D glasses to find them?). I guess I’ll  just watch and be dizzy (maybe that will just be the effect of guest star Dominic Monaghan, who amuses me). Is anybody running this network?

In better news: Chuck is back! (So are Heroes and Medium, but we don’t care so much about that.)


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