PSYCH Pineapple Watch “Any Given Friday at 10PM, 9PM Central”: PSYCH Is The Greatest Show Ever Made


I think I just fainted. Among Psych‘s myriad 80s and 90s references tonight was a fly-by regarding John Stockton, the greatest point guard ever to play the game (don’t even think about bringing that weak Isiah Thomas crap in here. Just don’t even think about it). In fairness, the reference was actually to Stockton’s shorts, which were notoriously, well, short, even when everyone else was playing in drapesNotoriously (this article was written four years after Stockton retired). Seriously. (I believe the equipment manager once said they had to have them specially tailored because no one else wore them so short anymore.) I’m now at this show’s mercy forever–make a Stockton reference, and I will make out with you. I’d give writer Josh Bycel a kidney in gratitude, but I long ago swore I’d give John Stockton both kidneys if he ever needed them, so I kind of have to keep them in reserve. But the making out is still on the table. (As an aside, ESPN cut to Stockton in the crowd during the St. Mary’s-Gonzaga game the other night, and he still looks like he could pound those kids into the court. His lovely wife looks like she could still break their ankles, too. Wow, I miss that whole crew.)

Er, for the rest of you who are not crazy people, there were also delightful moments with Lassiter calling Shawn out on all of the pop culture references (but he wasn’t there to bask in the glow of the John Stockton reference!), Shawn and Henry bonding over football, and even a quick line about Night of the Comet (if you ever get the chance, be sure to read William Goldman’s essay on why no one wants to watch a movie about wine. Wait, that’s Year of the Comet). I even think I was chuckling about the late football scenes in “the Thunderdome” clearly being shot on a Canadian Football League field when my mind was blown with the shorts joke. For the record, our pineapple was embossed on a cup perched on Lassiter’s desk when Juliet called him out on his investigative strategy of Googling “missing foot”.

Enjoy Psych and the Super Bowl–I have to go pull out a bunch of old VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s.


2 thoughts on “PSYCH Pineapple Watch “Any Given Friday at 10PM, 9PM Central”: PSYCH Is The Greatest Show Ever Made

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