Short and Sprout: Don’t Miss Out On New Episodes of GOOD EATS

We’ve mentioned before that the Baconeers have a long-standing love affair going with Alton Brown. How could we not? We love to cook (and the products that come from cooking), and he brings the geekeration to this eatery. We’re going to tune in to anyone who uses belching sock puppets to show how yeast works, or who builds a giant-sized model of the layers that make up a pie, or who gets a furry green Muppet-ish creature named General Wilfred D. Cookie to explain how changing the type of flour, sugar, and fat in your bowl is going to give you a cakey, chewy, or crispy chocolate chip cookie. (This last example, “Three Chips for Sister Marsha”, is a classic and will completely revolutionize your baking. Trust us–watch the video embedded above.)

Food Network seems to love Alton, too, as they’ve put him to work as the brainiac host of Iron Chef America and let him wander the world in Feasting on Asphalt (kind of like Long Way Round, but with food) and Feasting on Waves. All of these other shows, delightful though they may be, have sometimes put off new episodes of flagship show Good Eats, where Alton blinds us with science. We’re experiencing a renaissance, however, with new episodes Monday nights at 8pm Eastern and Pacific. Last week included therapy for gingerbread men and homemade ginger ale; next week is all about oranges. I’m particularly excited for this week’s new episode, as I’ve recently discovered a heretofore unexplored passion for Brussels sprouts. That’s right–you heard me: Brussels sprouts. If you think you hate Brussels sprouts, can I suggest you’ve had badly cooked ones? Because you haven’t seen Shakespeare the way it was meant to be played until you’ve had some well-cooked Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and bacon (hey, we’re not half-named after a Michael Scott ode to bacon being delicious and good for you by accident). Since Alton’s already suggested Brussels sprouts with bacon and bleu cheese, our faith in him seems well placed. Tune in tonight and let him persuade you–I’ll bet you’ll come away understanding how they’ll be metabolized, too!


One thought on “Short and Sprout: Don’t Miss Out On New Episodes of GOOD EATS

  1. I’m going to have to track down all these many ways to make brussel sprouts. Because while the boyo won’t eat peas, he and his entire family LOVE brussel sprouts. Like, unnaturally. Having some other way to cook them besides just steaming them will be nice. 🙂

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