All New TNT Lineup Tonight: THE CLOSER And Premiere of TRUST ME


It was a cruel autumn break, making us wait to find out if Detective Sanchez survived being shot by Columbine-esque teen conspirators on The Closer. I like Sanchez, and although I think the supporting cast could use a little culling so we could focus more on them instead of on the Travails of Brenda Leigh Johnson (oh, look–her parents are back to badger her about a wedding again. Hey, could they get a spinoff?), I’d hate to think what Sanchez’s death would do to Provenza. So I’ve been crossing my fingers pretty hard for a long time now, and I think we’re all ready for an answer. In addition to finding out what happens with that storyline, the crew works on a case that might be suicide or might be…muuuuuurrrrrder.

TNT gives us an extra treat with the premiere of Trust Me, a show about ad executives. We know these things go in cycles (procedural begets procedural; paranormal begets paranormal), but we never would have guessed we’d get a spate of shows about the inner workings of marketing firms. Maybe this will end up being a modern-day Mad Men, but there’s a good chance we won’t care, as stars Eric McCormack (Will and Grace, Dead Like Me) and Tom Cavanagh (Ed, Scrubs, Eli Stone) give us some pretty high hopes. The Closer shows at 9pm Eastern and Pacific, with Trust Me following immediately at 10; both shows repeat several times.


3 thoughts on “All New TNT Lineup Tonight: THE CLOSER And Premiere of TRUST ME

  1. We are enjoying your summer line up. Closer, Rozzoli & Isles, Memphis Heat, Hawthorne, Leverage, Dark Blue……we could watch more episodes….great shows. Keep up the good programming. Also like the reruns of Law & Order.

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