LEVERAGE: Have Hardison Reverse the Polarity


While Leverage is still more fun than a barrel full of Parkers-on-a-wire, I was ready to slap their hands this week when Hardison was relegated to sillier-than-usual antics on the sidelines so we could focus for the second week in a row on a not particularly scintillating not-romance between Sophie and Nate. It’s particularly galling that Sophie is so whiny and manipulative about their not-relationship–certainly do-gooding and getting really, really rich would leave her life empty if she can’t have the man she might sort of have looooooved from afar lo these many years.

But I just can’t stay mad at this show when it keeps telling Doctor Who jokes. We discovered in “The Bank Shot Job” that Hardison downloads episodes when they run in the UK. This week, we find that the fake IDs the crew uses include Tom Baker (the actor who played the Fourth Doctor), Peter Davison (the actor who played the Fifth Doctor), and Sylvester McCoy (the actor who played the Seventh Doctor). Poor Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor)–swept under the rug again. And the delicious, corn syrupy icing on this cake? Sophie’s fake ID is Sarah Jane, and anything that brings Elisabeth Sladen to mind makes us happy. Doctor Who jokes buy you a lot of good will in these quarters; if we can just get Hardison to reverse the polarity on the romance that isn’t happening between the leads, we’ll be in good shape.


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