LOST or LIEs? New Seasons Start Tonight


Fox premieres a brand new, shiny show tonight, Lie to Me. You may have heard of it. If you’ve been watching House, American Idol, or NFL football , you have absolutely heard of it. You didn’t have a choice. And don’t try to lie about it, because the protagonist, played by the pretty terrific Tim Roth, will be able to tell. He’s a human lie detector, after all. You may have been able to tell from the commercials. Which he knows you saw.

The castaways on Lost could use a human lie detector–or maybe it’s the audience who needs one. The twisty drama returns tonight with Ben and Jack–the two biggest liars on the island, if you ask me–trying to persuade the rest of the Oceanic 6 to return to the island. Good luck finding it, cowboys. I’m sure Ben will have a plan he’ll refuse to disclose to you, but you’ll follow him anyway. Tim Roth will be available on Fox if you need him to sort through all of that.

Naturally, both shows are airing at the same time. Which to choose, which to choose? Let’s go to the scoreboard. In addition to Roth, Lie to Me features Kelli Williams. I loooooooved me some Practice in their early days, but I’m not sure Kelli Williams was the biggest reason why (where is my Dylan McDermott eye candy?! It’s a prescription.), so what else have they got? Brendan Hines is certainly a plus (bring back The Middleman!). Lost doesn’t seem to want to reveal many new characters or guest stars (although Tom Irwin is promising), but the idea of Ben and Jack having to work together to transport Locke’s body back to the island amuses me. Lost is also available on ABC.com and will be rebroadcast on Saturday, so I might check out the new kid on the block. If you have a giant frozen wheel handy, though, you could travel through time and watch both. Why not? If you can move an island with a giant frozen wheel, why not a TV show? Both premiere tonight at 9 Eastern and Pacific, 8 Central and Mountain; Lost has a recap show an hour before.

2 thoughts on “LOST or LIEs? New Seasons Start Tonight

  1. I was pretty disappointed that Tom Irwin only showed up for 2 minutes in the episode last night. The night before Karrie and I saw him doing The Seafarer at the Steppenwolf Theater (along with John Mahoney) and we jumped out of our seats when he showed up on Lost. Hopefully he’ll return because that guy plays a deliciously low villain.

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