PSYCH Pineapple Watch “Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing”: Kenny Loggins Is in Jail?!?


This week’s Psych mystery wasn’t particularly hard to crack–our heroes spent more time chasing food vendors than the bad guy–but there is something about the entire cast of goofballs coming together with one purpose that elevates this one. For a show that made approximately 2,000 Kenny Loggins jokes (“Are you saying he’s not all right?” being my personal favorite), the moment where Gus takes Lassiter’s groceries so the suspected good-cop-gone-bad could hand over his badge to a mournful Vick was surprisingly moving.

Speaking of Lassie’s grocery bags, that’s where you could find one of last night’s two–two!–pineapples, the other being a wee wooden pineapple on Henry’s bar when Shawn and Gus were trying to find Lassiter a place to stay. I guess they’re making up for last week’s still-missing fruit.


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