30 ROCK “Senor Macho Solo”: It’s What They Call a McRib


Perhaps it is because I have long maintained that I would run away with Peter Dinklage in a heartbeat if he so much as blinked in my general direction (unlikely to happen given that I am a woman of equivalent enough thickness to trigger Tracy Jordan’s post-nup), or perhaps it’s because I never saw the Sex and the City movie, but watching Liz muck up a promising relationship with her crazy was squrim-inducing. What are the odds she’s ever going to find another boyfriend who will introduce her to new kinds of doughnuts or put her through to the Italian ambassador for a prank call? Maybe the real issue is that making Liz too crazy blunts her purpose, which is to provide the not-quite-but-almost-sensible core to a universe full of crazies.

But what a universe of crazies she anchors. The level of lunatic detail to which the 30 Rock crew will go for a joke reminds of us the heydey of our beloved Arrested Development. From Jack eating a mint with the wrapper still on after finding a growth on his…never mind, to his waving a bottle of liquor around in a park but bringing Pringles in a brown paper bag, Alec Baldwin shines when his tightly-wound character is on the verge of losing it. Tracy’s stunningly inappropriate expressions of love are apparently nothing new, if the alarms are anything to go by. Kenneth’s random selection of a rap song from Teen Witch, of all things, is surpassed only by his apology that their regular warm-up comedian overdosed in a gay man’s apartment that morning. Even Jenna’s Janis Joplin “tribute” song “Chunk of My Lung” is capped with a genius final line: “You know you bought it if you buy it with things.” Yes. Yes, you do.

So make Liz reasonable or make Liz loony (cat sound!)–we don’t care quite so much as long as the jokes keep coming. We’d rather see more of Peter Dinklage than Salma Hayek, though–can’t we see more of the UN High Commission on Water Temperature and Food Taint?


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