TOP GEAR Says “Konichiwa!”


Jeremy Clarkson often–and intentionally–acts the Ugly Brit, mocking his own government’s political correctness and, for example, capping his drive across the American South by advising viewers never to go to America for their own safety. Until now, we could only imagine what havoc he might wreak in a culture like, oh, say, Japan. Top Gear fills this gap for us tonight in a new (to the US) episode on BBC America that finds Jeremy racing a Nissan against a Japanese bullet train. It seems unlikely he’ll filter himself just because he’s around new people (that’s never stopped him before)–after all, this is the man who once apologized for wasting viewers’ evening because “there are no good Korean or Malaysian cars” and said that they should avoid a particular make of car “like you would avoid unprotected sex with an Ethiopian transvestite.” I don’t even know what that means, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tops it tonight. Domo arigato, Top Gear!


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