Get Set for DAMAGES Season Two


Season two of FX’s critically acclaimed thriller series Damages begins tomorrow–are you ready? If you missed season one, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The 13-part series averaged only 2 million viewers in its Monday slot: lukewarm numbers even for basic cable.

Fortunately, the network didn’t let that stop them from ordering another 13 episodes, so you’ve got a chance to jump on this thrill-ride before it leaves the gate Wednesday night. I’d try to summarize season one as a primer for newbies, but frankly, it’s just too damn complicated. Fortunately, FX has done the dirty work for me, with a tightly-edited “Season 1 Recap” airing several times over the course of the week. Even if you don’t catch the recap, most of the arcs from the first season were neatly tied up in the finale, making way for a whole new onslaught of scheming this season.

I’ll admit, I passed on Damages the first time. Another show about backstabbing lawyers? Yawn. But after hearing the buzz swirling around the series I worried I might be missing out on something, and Tivo-ed a marathon that aired later in the year. Damn, did this show reach out a grab me and keep me perched on the edge of my seat. I ended up inhaling the entire-13-episode season in one day. One day, ya’ll–that’s how addictive Damages is.

Lost has got got nothing on Damages when it comes to shocking twists and turns, not least because the plot twists on Damages always make sense. Shot like a feature film and structured like a mystery novel, season one unfolded like a tightly wound page-turner–one of those books you can’t seem to put down. Each week brought you a little closer to resolving the mystery, and a little less sure of the characters’ intentions and motivations.

Anchored by a masterful performance by Glenn Close (juicy parts like this are exactly the reason film actresses are flocking to television) as Machiavellian lawyer Patty Hewes, season two brings even more big names to the table. William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden and Timothy Olyphant join returning castmembers Ted Danson, Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan.

So don’t let the next season of this masterful series start without you. Believe me, you’ll be kicking yourself later if you do. Season two premieres Wednesday, Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. on FX, with repeat airings throughout the week.

2 thoughts on “Get Set for DAMAGES Season Two

  1. I just want to nod vigorously in agreement with “shot like a feature film”–this show is gorgeous. Beautifully shot, tightly written, aggressively acted–why would we miss it?

  2. And such a well-written episode, because it managed both (a) not to alienate new viewers with too much backstory, and (b) to reward watchers of the first season (by deepening an unresolved plotline from last season, and raising the possibility that Patty wasn’t lying in that final bar scene, i.e. Patty’s son arranged a hit on Patty, and that the hitman attacked Ellen instead).

    Indeed, it was much better written than that run-on, too-many-dependent-clauses sentence above.

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