12 Days of Bacon: Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas, my Bacon gave to meeeeee…

… a sweater knit by Ma Kent!

The holidays aren’t always happy fun time for everyone. In fact, they can be an especially isolating and lonely time if you’re miles from home. Or, if you happen to be Justice League‘s Martian Manhunter (voiced by Bacon fave Carl Lumbly), 36 million miles from home. Which is why it warms our grinchy little hearts to see his buddy Superman (yes, that’s Private Practice‘s Tim Daly voicing the Man of Steel) invite him home for a Very Special Christmas with the Kents.

You can be a superhero, too, by volunteering as few as four hours a month with Big Brothers Big Sisters. And did you know that getting started is as easy as filling out a convenient online application? So this year, when you’re ready to start making those New Year’s resolutions, consider giving the gift of friendship, and donating your time to make a difference in a young person’s life. It’s totally what Superman would do.


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