12 Days of Bacon: Day Two

On the second day of Christmas, my Bacon gave to meeeeee…

A mutated reindeer and an orthodontia-loving elf singing in perfect harmony!

It was the television special that dared to envision a world in which reindeer with red noses could be friends with elves who want to be dentists. Forty-four years later, we’re still somewhat shy of Rudolph and Hermey’s vision of utopia, but maybe–just maybe–if we admit that we’re all misfits at heart, we’ll get there one day.

If, on your path to dentist-embracing zen, you decided to make a Rudolph homage out of a sock, well, that’d be pretty cool, too. And if you’re really crafty, you can take those sock animal making skills and put them to good use, by donating the fruits of your labor to Sock Monkey Ministries. Or, if you’re not so crafty (like me), you can sponsor a monkey in the name of a loved one, and reach out to someone who’s in need of a little extra fuzzy love in their lives this holiday season. Do it for Rudolph. Do it for Hermey. Do it for Yukon Cornelius!


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