On the First Day of Bacon, My TV Gave to Me…

Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year when visions of egg nog lattes dance in our heads. When Kris Kringle returns to wage his epic battle against Burgermeister Meisterburger on ABC Family. And when I begin to entertain fantasies of stabbing someone with a candy cane if I have to listen to “Jingle Bell Rock” one more time at the grocery store.

To celebrate this special season, TV Bacon is wishing everyone the happiest of Winter-Holidays-of-Your-Choice with nifty gifties for the 12 Days of Christmas. Yes, we know that in ye olde traditions, the 12 Days of Christmas fell between Christmas Day and Epiphany, but we like ‘em better here, in their modern usage. We also like to start a day early so we can end on Christmas Eve, because, well, we know you’re probably not going to be reading on Christmas Day and we sure don’t want to be blogging on Christmas Day.

So be sure check back here every day between now and Dec. 25th for your TV-related treat. It’s not exactly a winter wonderland, but we hope there are some warm TV memories for all. Happy holidays!


One thought on “On the First Day of Bacon, My TV Gave to Me…

  1. You are wise beyond your blog. I encourage you to visit my blog http://foodhere.wordpress.com/ to learn how repeated exposure to Jungle Bell Rock can induce violent pyschosis. WHile at my Blog, I encourage you to participate in my most recent in-store promotion, the Infernal CHristmas Wheel of Fortuna.

    With much respect and fear of bacon.

    Ram Venkatararam
    Owner/Operator of FOod Here COnvenience Store and Blog

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