NBC Slips Further Under the Waves


Close on the heels of Jeff Zucker questioning whether 4th-place network NBC could afford to keep programming three primetime hours per night, seven nights a week (insert your own joke here about whether they program that much now), several news outlets are reporting that the Peacock will give Jay Leno the last hour of primetime every weeknight. Every. Weeknight.

As someone who does whatever she can to avoid Jay Leno and his “jokes,” it would be hard for me to be less impressed by this news. We’ve been asking for some time, however, whether American networks would go the way of British television, producing shorter series but more of them and programming in a year-round cycle. Lenofest doesn’t do that, but does it signal the first major break with traditional programming thinking in decades? If this gets the ice cracking, maybe something good will come out of the recession (and the disaster that has been the Zucker-Silverman era) after all.


2 thoughts on “NBC Slips Further Under the Waves

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