CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Sensei”: Big Damn Heroes


As much as I enjoyed the Awesomes and the Chuck and Ellie bonding, I have to admit to being a little worried that Chuck’s quest to find their father so he can walk Ellie down the aisle will reveal that said father left because…he, too, is a spy. Hey, Chuck’s best friend and girlfriend both turned out to be spies–surely Tony Hale and Chuck’s dad aren’t far behind. I lived through Alias once already, thank you very much, so I hope Chuck will treat us better than that. The poorly filmed fight scenes and weird close-ups in this episode don’t exactly inspire confidence.

I can’t stay too worried for too long, though, when the great delight that is John Casey is in the house. From his disgust at Chuck’s behavior with Jill (consequences for bad behavior? On a TV show? Never!) to his recitation of faux feelings to his desire to protect Chuck and Sarah even as he’s getting his behind handed to him, watching our favorite Reagan-loving agent helps cover up things like Chuck’s persistent inability to do what he’s told. And I need you to confirm for me that I’m not losing my mind–please, please tell me that Adam Baldwin, the former Jayne Cobb, actually said that Chuck was damaging his calm. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t have Firefly and Serenity playing on the BuyMore TVs.

2 thoughts on “CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Sensei”: Big Damn Heroes

  1. Yeah, I had the same thought. Chuck’s dad is definitely a spy.

    I wish they could find some way to use Morgan more in the show. I know that part of the charm of their relationship is that Chuck is going on all these adventures of which Morgan is blissfully unaware, but by keeping Morgan at such a distance they’re losing some of the best comic mojo of the show.

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