PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Christmas Joy”


Much like sibling shows Chuck and Burn Notice, Psych isn’t so much about the “what” as it is about the “how”. You’d think, then, that a weak Santa-as-con-man story and Shawn canoodling with Gus’ sister coupled with the most obvious pineapple in recent memory (Shawn pulls a beribboned pineapple out of a box of decorations exactly a minute into the episode) might be a lump of coal.

The adventures of Mr. Psych and Scrooge Jones, however, are the very definition of style over substance, and we like the cut of their jib. We appreciate a re-orchestrated theme song and a re-jiggered credit sequence that are ultra-Christmasty, just for fun. We’d like a toaster alarm clock that wakes you up by smacking you in the face with a waffle. We’ll love anything that references Wildcats and recreates the dancing from A Charlie Brown Christmas. And you know what? There’s even a bonus hidden pineapple, atop a serving tray over Henry’s shoulder in his kitchen while he’s advising Shawn about Gus and loyalty. I wish my family were as good as the Psych crew is at picking out just the right Christmas gifts.


One thought on “PSYCH Pineapple Watch: “Christmas Joy”

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