PUSHING DAISIES “Robbing Hood”: I Like Your Moxie, Sassafras


“Robbing Hood” may not have been top-shelf pie, what with the overarching Dwight Dixon story crushing a lesser Mystery of the Week. Since Susannah and I were sitting on the couch knitting after a day of holiday-induced stress baking as Emerson’s mechanical yarn swift wound, however, we’re going to give it a pass. While we acknowledge the gifts we were knitting may end up unwanted, we don’t really consider ourselves frustrated grannies.

Ned’s amusing encounter with a roomful of hunting trophies (cleverly staged so Ned has antlers in the opening shot and an off-stage roar caps the joke) makes us wonder what else he can’t touch. We’ve seen him revive rotten fruit and subsequently choke on his own pie, but what other rules govern his power? Do items have to be essentially in their original form, even if horribly mangled? Or does Ned have to avoid leather shoes and cotton T-shirts?

We can’t concentrate on such deep questions–or even what might be in Charles Charles’ grave, the cruelest cliff we’ve hung on since late-season Doctor Who–for very long when Olive is marching around with a pig doing a Zsa Zsa Gabor impression and Aunt Lily is talking about Tinkerbell’s tiny buttcheeks. Even when an episode isn’t firing on all cylinders, we like their moxie.

One thought on “PUSHING DAISIES “Robbing Hood”: I Like Your Moxie, Sassafras

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