Pushing Daisies

Boo. This really isn’t a surprise, and as ABC is a for-profit business, they can make a decent argument for this decision. Still, leaving aside the demise of one of television’s most innovative and enchanting shows, we’re going to make a counter-argument that it’s a bad idea financially, too. The end of Pushing Daisies (as well as decent entertainment such as Eli Stone and DSM) means that I literally don’t watch a single thing on ABC. Nothing. I’ll probably see some football during bowl season, but that’s it. Want to launch a new show, Alphabet Network? I won’t hear much about it unless ABC advertises on one of its competitors, because I don’t watch any of their current programming. Want to build a brand? For me, that brand is now “Nothing Worth Watching.” How much is a viewer who wouldn’t otherwise ever turn you on worth?

So fare thee well, piemaker–and fare thee well, ABC. We seem to have grown apart.


5 thoughts on “Sigh. PUSHING DAISIES, ELI STONE, and DIRTY SEXY MONEY Go the Way of All Flesh

  1. It’s not just ABC. I feel like I’m losing interest in all of the networks. I’m down to just a few shows that I watch every week – 30 Rock, The Office, Friday Night Lights, and Chuck (Battlestar and Lost when they return). That’s it. Luckily, Netflix will keep us occupied on cold Chicago winter nights.

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  3. We’ve been chatting lately about how flat this television season seems–even shows we like (looking at you, The Office feel a little drab. This means that something as alive and colorful as Daisies going makes the TV landscape even grimmer.

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